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Seeking a way back to the earth
through the old ways.

     The Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education founded by Sage Maurer in New England, has offered a variety of courses and workshops in holistic herbalism over the last 17 years in Vermont, Massachusetts, Hawaii, and now California. In 2014 Marysia Miernowska joined us as a Gaia School teacher, opening a branch of The Gaia School of Healing in Southern California.

    We offer 9 month long apprenticeships in sacred plant medicine, folk herbalism, spiritual ecology, and shamanic herbalism. Courses run throughout the year in Southern Vermont and in Southern California. If you are interested in what we offer at The Gaia School in Vermont, contact us at or leave a phone message for Sage at (617) 838-8094. If you are interested in our California classes, please follow the link to the left for our California branch.

Earth Mother Gaia

"Gaia existed before everything; she existed before time. Gaia, the eternal, prehistoric earth mother goddess, is fertility incarnate, moist, mysterious, strong. She is life energy itself; everything that lives, breathing or not, overflows with her life. She is the earth and all the powers of the earth.

Gaia is not always a consoling goddess: standing for life and generation without thought of consequence, she has an energy and a power that must be approached carefully. All bodies eventually return to her, into the black, fertile earth, to be devoured and to receive her life to live again.

As goddess of the soul, Gaia reminds us that the soul develops in dark places and that ultimately soul must be rooted in body, in earth. She is a reminder that we must ground ourselves in the reality of nature and incorporate all sides of ourselves, be they pleasant or unpleasant, light or dark." - From Goddess Knowledge Cards

Gaia As Teacher

     Gaia is our earth mother, who nourishes, heals, and teaches us. At The Gaia School we believe that our teacher is the earth itself. Through developing a deeper connection to the earth we heal ourselves - mind, body, and soul. Gaia is our guide, her spirit supporting us through our life walk. Her hands - the trees, plants, and animals. All her many voices teach and guide us back to wholeness. We work with the spirits of Gaia to find our way back to union with ourselves, and with all of life.

     Gaia teaches us the rhythm of change, transformation, and cycles. She helps us remember the spiral dance of life, death, and rebirth that we see in all living things. She teaches us to learn when to be active and when to rest, when to allow for illness, and when to cleanse and heal. Gaia teaches us what living medicines we can use to support our mind, body, and spirit as we move through life.

     Gaia reminds us of our history as a people, the ancient practices that helped us to flourish on this earth for hundreds of thousands of years - before we began to uncontrollably manipulate and use her earth body. It is only when we began to lose our connection to the earth mother and take from her in over abundance for our own selfish needs that our serious illnesses of mind, body, and spirit began. It is when we lost the connection to her, the nurturer, the life giver, the healer, that illness and confusion found us. It is only through healing our mother who gives us life, that we can heal and create wholeness for ourselves.

     At The Gaia School we are seeking to find our home again, our root, a way of living in connection to the earth mother. We seek a way of healing ourselves and the damage we have caused/cause on the rest of the living beings we share this earth with. We are seeking to find the old ways of living peacefully, which support a diversity of life on this earth, necessary for our own survival. We understand that it is only through all beings on earth continuing to live and thrive in health that we will ourselves thrive.

     We learn from the plants as our most wise grandparents. They teach us of our often confused and anxious minds, how to heal our bodies we have lost touch with, how to listen to spirit and to ourselves. They help us to connect to open our dreaming minds to seeing beyond our limited structures. We call on the plants to teach us their deep knowing of life and death, so that we can begin to heal ourselves and each other.

     " Gaia, bring us your wisdom to heal and sustain life. Help us to find our way back to wholeness. Help us to remember the most ancient and powerful medicine there is, the way of the plants." - prayer


     Through learning sustainable ways of living our lives on earth mother, we return to a life of mindfulness and loving kindness to all other living beings. By understanding how to grow our own food and medicine, live simply and naturally following the natural cycles of the earth, we come back into a state of harmony with all of life. We end our participation in the killing of our mother, learning to give back to her and take our true place as stewards of the earth. We remember how to use our intelligence and compassionate hearts to care for the living beings we share her land with.

What is Sustainability?

     "Sustainability can be described as each of us doing our part to build the kind of world-economically, environmentally and socially-that we want to live in, and one that we want our children and grandchildren to inherit. It means becoming aware of all interconnections-visible and invisible-in which our day-to-day choices affect the intricate balance of social, economic and ecological systems."

-Sustainable Leadership Institute

     It is in the spirit of sustainability that we teach about living in harmony with all of life on earth, working to heal ourselves, our families, communities, and Gaia. We practice mindfulness when we harvest our medicinal plants, re-planting endangered and over harvested medicinal plants that have been taken for profit, and teaching respect towards all living beings.

     We seek to re-learn and re-educate ourselves in the old ways of living, producing and re-using our own recourses. We awaken to the impact we have on Gaia and other living beings. We join with others who wish to live simply and sustainably, teaching each other about affordable, local plant medicines available to all, and supporting sustainable agriculture and business practices. In the spirit of union rather than competition we learn to serve each other, living not just for ourselves and our own gain, but for the well being and health of all Beloved living beings. It is in this spirit that we seek to grow and learn together at The Gaia School, joining together in sacred community for our collective wellbeing.

    Treating all life as sacred, we honour our place as stewards of the earth,
listening to all voices, not just our own.