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Year Two
Westminster, VT
*** Registration Open for 2019! Space is Limited ***

Deeping your journey with sacred plant medicine for another year...

Join us for a second year of Sacred Plant Medicine!
Sacred Plant Medicine, Folk Herbalism, Medicine Making, Holistic Anatomy & Physiology,
The Sacred Wheel, and Journeying with Plant & Earth Spirits.

        The Vermont year two course is taught in Westminster, VT, running from May, 2019 until December, 2019. Class meets for 9 weekends, some three days long (for 24 seven hour classes in total). Classes will be held on Sage's land with occasional field trips.

        Our Sacred Plant Medicine Year 2 Apprenticeship continues where we left on on Year 1 ~ diving further into transformative practices of healing, ceremony, and work with our plant allies. The course begins with a journey around the sacred wheel through the elements, guided by our plant teachers. Students will learn through experiential practice and study, furthering their journey along the sacred medicine path.

        Our advanced course also focuses on deepening knowledge of plant medicine through more advanced medicine making, materia medica, harvesting & growing, holistic anatomy & physiology, and continued soul journeys with the spirits of the medicine plants. Our year two course gives students a more in depth understanding of the systems of the body and physiology, combining perspectives of both science and spirit. Classes focus on weaving in sacred plant medicine, folk herbalism, and ancestral traditions into healing sessions with clients. In our second year course students take the personal relationships they have developed with plants in Year 1 into supporting others in their healing and transformation.

        Certification is given for 170 hours of advanced training in sacred plant medicine and traditional herbalism, given upon completion of the year two apprenticeship. Please take a look at our apprenticeship syllabus for a closer look at what this course offers!

         This apprenticeship is both a course in Western herbalism and in plant spirit medicine. In each class spirit is blended with science, through meditation, lecture, plant walks, and hands-on learning. We seek to unite Western modes of learning with ancient traditions of learning directly from the earth and from spirit. Focus is placed on healing from the heart, supporting continual wholeness, transformation, and nourishment of the self. Illness is explored for its gifts, lessons, and blessings - plant allies here to help support us along the journey.

      Classes focus on:

  • Folk & Traditional Herbal Healing
  • Personal Ancestral Lineages
  • Materia Medica
  • Ethnobotanical research
  • Holistic Anatomy & Physiology
  • Plant Spirit Medicine in Healing Sessions
  • Herbal Consultations
  • Intake & Healing Sessions
  • Holistic Healing Strategies
  • Soul Journeying & Ceremony
  • Restorative Herbal Medicine
  • Adv. Herbal Energetics
  • Formula & Medicine Making for Systems of the Body
  • Chakra Healing & Therapies in Sessions
  • Self-care & Healing Worksheets
  • Communication with plant and nature devas
  • Plant Medicine Walks & Harvesting
  • Ritual, Drum, & Prayer
  • Creating Social Change & Sustainability
  • Herbalism in Social & Environmental Activism
  • Intuitive Healing & Herbalism

         The Gaia School's Plant Medicine Apprenticeships focus on both lecture and experiential learning through medicine making, research & readings, journeying with plant allies, harvesting and growing plants, and practicing traditional folk herbalism used by our ancestors. We are devoted to promoting personal, social and environmental justice for ourselves and our communities, decolonising herbalism and spiritual practice. In year two we move from a focus on personal healing, to being of service to our communities as well, examining where the healing is most needed. Our apprenticeships focus on creating sacred community, supporting each other, and joining together to create needed change in the world through social, environmental, and inner transformation.

         The advanced course is designed to guide students in holding space for others on their healing journey, utilising restorative medicine and herbal therapies. We focus not on curing illness, but on supporting individuals to wellness. The advanced course continues to focus on nourishment through herbs, healing foods, and nurturing holistic therapies. We understand that years of practice and experience is needed as we learn plant medicine, so students are encouraged to go at their own pace, learning through personal experience, research, and deepening their relationships with personal plant allies/guides month by month.

         The cost for the 9 month May, 2019 Apprenticeship is $1,900 - $2,400 for 24 seven hour classes. Class will meet for 9 weekends total, some of them 3 days long, for a total of 170 hours of class time. We offer a sliding scale based on income level. We ask that each student choose what they can afford, understanding that those who pay the higher end of the sliding scale are providing support for lower income students to attend as well. Payment plans are available for low income students, as well as VSAC grants for Vermont residents. Payment plans starting at $165 per month (after initial class deposit) are available. A $250 deposit (non-refundable) is required to register for the apprenticeship and is subtracted from the total tuition. Full payment is due by the first apprenticeship class meeting unless a payment plan has been arranged in advance.




Tuition Payment Using Paypal

         To register, fill out the registration form and send it to the address provided. Each student should only miss 2-3 classes during the course, as it can disrupt the circle if people can not make classes regularly. The course will be limited to 18 people. Please feel free to contact Sage with any questions, at, or call (617)-838-8094.

         Students are asked to hold supporting space for everyone in the class, balancing personal healing with collective community needs. This apprenticeship is open to people who have already completed Year One, with some exceptions. Solitary study, practice, and assignments are required for the Year Two Course.

~ Student Quotes & Pictures ~


Register for the 2019 Plant Medicine Apprenticeship.

2019 ADV. SYLLABUS ~ 2019 Syllabus Uploaded!