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Plant Medicine Apprenticeship
Vermont ~ 2018

Westminster, VT
*** Registration Open for 2018 ~ Join us next spring!

Entering the realm of the green world

Join us for a 7 Month Apprenticeship in Growing & Harvesting Medicinal Plants,
Wildcrafting, Foraging & Wild Foods, Medicine Making, Sacred Plant Medicine,
and Journeying with Plant & Earth Spirits.

Join us for a dynamic course in growing, wildcrafting, and making medicine with our sacred plant allies!

Our Field & Garden Apprenticeship is taught by Chris Siegriest in Westminster, VT, running from May 7th, 2018 until November 6th, 2018.
Class meets approximately every 3-4 weeks on Monday and Tuesday (16 classes in total) from 11am - 6pm each day.

A potluck lunch will be held at 1 pm each class day. Class will be held in Westminster, VT and harvesting field sites in the area. Folks are welcome to spend the night on Mondays for free either in the classroom yurt or camping. Also, a small dormitory style yurt is available for a small donation.

Our Field & Garden Plant Medicine Apprenticeship focuses on working and learning exclusively hands on with medicinal plants in the outdoors. We will spend each class day growing, harvesting, and wildcrafting medicinal plants from our gardens, local forests, and field sites. Students will learn about the medicine of each plant through guided plant walks, harvesting, medicine making, and meditation. Teaching will all be done only through hands on practice, rather than through any lecture.

The Field & Garden class has been added to give students a chance to focus exclusively on learning experientially with live plants both in the wild and in cultivation. This course does not include a syllabus like our other courses, since we will be growing, harvesting, and making medicine according to the seasons and the plants. Each class students will harvest what is in bloom and in season, as well as tend to medicinals we will be growing together in class. Unique to all our courses, students will be able to harvest plants from our gardens each class for their own personal and communal use.

In each of our courses we partner with plants as conscious beings, relearning and re-birthing traditions of herbal medicine that have been kept alive by families and rural communities around the world. We focus on local Northeastern American plants as well as non-local plants that have long traditions of use medicinally and spiritually in other parts of the world. In all of our courses we learn about the medicine of each plant through direct relationship and experience, listening to the voices of the plants themselves as they speak through us.

Plant harvesting each class will center mostly on local natives and naturalised plants of New England. Plants of Europe, Central and South America, and Asia are also worked with and grown throughout the course. Students are able to harvest an abundance of medicinal plants, herb seeds, and wild foods from the Gaia School gardens for their own personal use and learning at home.

Field & Garden classes focus on:
  • Guided Plant Walks
  • Cultivating Medicinal Plants
  • Wild Foods & Edible Plants
  • Plant Identification
  • Meditation & Journeying with Plant allies
  • Wildcrafting Local Medicinal Plants & Mushrooms
  • Drying & Storing Plant Harvests
  • Food as Medicine
  • Fermentation & Cooking Wild Plants
  • Medicine Making ~ (tinctures, infusions, vinegars, oils, etc.)
  • Compost teas, mulching, & cover crops
  • Seed collecting & Root digging
  • Drawing & Pressing Plants
  • Plant Growth Cycles ~ (perennials, biennials etc.)
  • Sacred Circle & Community building
  • Body centered & Heart-based Learning
  • Offerings & Prayer and Magic

         Our Field & Garden Plant Medicine Apprenticeship was created to give students the chance to spend entire classes outdoors, learning about medicinal plants in the wild and in our gardens. This course will give students needed experience growing medicinal plants, identifying plants in the wild, harvesting, and medicine making. Classes include meditation with plants, daily plant walks, harvesting & medicine making, tasting plant infusions and extracts, embodiment practices, and journeys with the spirits of the plants. Students learn to identify and use plants for medicine, form plant allies, and prepare medicinal teas, tinctures, essences, infusions, oils, and vinegars with plants from around the world. We will dive into the many ways to use fresh plant material for medicine, food, juice, and gardening!

This apprenticeship is both a course in folk Western herbalism and in plant spirit medicine, with the primary focus placed on our own personal relationships with the plants. This course is intended to be a healing journey of sacred time outdoors with the plants, building a deeper connection to the spirits of the earth and medicine plants. Doorways that are opened and the wisdom gained during class will seep into each apprentice's home and everyday life. The plants that each student forms relationships with changes their lives on deep levels, helping to guide and support them through life - emotionally, physically and spiritually.

At the end of the 7 month program, each student will receive certification from the school for 120 hours of training in holistic herbalism, focusing on growing and wildcrafting medicinals. Educational and plant materials as well as tea will be provided to you in class. We welcome you to join us in a journey back to the earth, to yourself and the plants! Please feel free to contact us with any questions and we'll arrange a time to speak or meet with you.

The cost for the 7 month Apprenticeship is $1,400 - $1,600 (sliding scale) for sixteen seven hour classes.

Class will meet approximately every three - four weeks, Monday and Tuesday, from 11am - 6pm.
A $100 discount is given to those who pay in full. Payment plans are available, please enquire if interested.

A $200 deposit (non-refundable) is required to register for the apprenticeship and is subtracted from the total tuition. Full payment is due by the first apprenticeship class meeting unless a payment plan has been arranged in advance. VSAAC grants are also available for this course for eligible students. $1,600 from this course will be tithed to the Gaia School of Healing scholarship fund for BIPOC folks.



Mondays and Tuesdays ~ 11am - 6pm

MAY 7th & 8th
Spring Ephemerals & Plant ID
Seed Starting & Garden Planning
Bark harvesting & Spring Edibles

JUNE 4th & 5th
Medicinal Cover Crops & Herbal Compost Tea
Garden building & Direct Seeding, Plant Walks & Harvests
Nourishing Herbs & Evergreen tips

JULY 9th & 10th
Tree I.D., Medicine and Lore
Summer Harvests, Drying & Medicine Making
Planting for pollinators

AUGUST 6th & 7th
Wild Foods and Food as Medicine
Edible flowers, Wild salads, & Flower essences

SEPTEMBER 3rd & 4th
Magical Fermentation: Sacred Herbal Brews, Herbal Kimchi, and Kombucha!
Herbal Vinegars, Oxymels & Shrubs

SEPTEMBER 24th & 25th
Field Trip TBA - Forest & Fungi

OCTOBER 15th & 16th
Winter Preservation: Harvesting, Drying and Storage
Fall bark harvests & Evergreens, Mulching beds

NOVEMBER 5th & 6th
Root Diggin' and Seed Collectin'
Straining & Bottling, Medicine & Seed Share!


Chris Siegriest is a green witch, herbalist, healer, community organizer, grower/farmer, wildcrafter and fermenter extraordinaire.

Chris was trained in Agroecology at the University of Santa Cruz and went on to teach farm-based curriculum at this same program to 35 eager learners. Chris then took these skills of soil health and compost tea, crop rotation and management, seed propagation to transplant, and co-created Bread and Roses Farm. This joyful seven year endeavor was a vegetable, flower and herb CSA centered in food justice, committed to bringing healthy, enlivening food to marginalized communities. It was in these learning, teaching and experiencing environments that Chris anchored her deep knowledge of how to grow and tend to the plants, yield great results, and return care for the earth in a reverent and sustaining way.
Bread & Roses Farm Website

Chris fashioned Feather and Nettle Ferments with her sweetie Mo in 2014, and takes their concoctions to farmer's markets, herb school stands, and many a community gathering. Feather and Nettle involves adding herbs to anything fermentable, such as kimchi's, tempeh, kombucha and jun, and especially sacred, medicinal beers! Chris and Mo both lead a workshop called Magical Herbal Brew Makin' and Fermentation Playshop.

Chris is currently in her second year at Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, training to become a clinical herbalist. Here she is continuing a deep dive with botany, plant i.d., ethical wildcrafting, molecular biology, anatomy and physiology plus so much more. Chris honors the teachings of Sage Maurer, with whom she had the honor to learn with over two years of Sacred Plant Medicine apprenticeships, as well as Sean Donahue, Rain Crowe and Starhawk, drawing especially from these teachers who weave an anti-oppressive framework into their herbal, magical and social permaculture-based teachings. Chris dances within the Reclaiming Tradition of witchcraft along with her own special blend of magic. The aim of Chris' magic and spirituality is to continue the lineage of her ancestors and teachers in doing the deep work of unraveling oppression and weaving back in freedom, equality, joy and connection for all beings. Chris believes that everyone deserves access to healing, plant medicine, and wild, beautiful spaces.

To register, fill out the registration form and send it to the address provided. Each student should only miss 2-3 classes during the course, as it can disrupt the circle if people can not make classes regularly. The course will be limited to 20 people. Please feel free to contact Chris with any questions, at, or call (802) 233-4781

sliding scale tuition

This apprenticeship is open to anyone interested, regardless of their gender, race, belief system, past experience, or knowledge of plants. We believe strongly in creating a safer-braver space that honors and welcomes diversity, difference, and many voices. This course invites all gender identities including queer, trans and gender nonconforming people.


Register for the 2018 Field & Garden Plant Medicine Apprenticeship.

Past student's experiences and photos.